Parse the DrugBank XML and extract TSVs

Run using Python 3 to avoid a non-ascii character error when writing to file with the csv module.

In [1]:
import os
import csv
import gzip
import collections
import re
import io
import json
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

import requests
import pandas
In [2]:
xml_path = os.path.join('download', 'drugbank.xml.gz')
with as xml_file:
    tree = ET.parse(xml_file)
root = tree.getroot()
In [3]:
ns = '{}'
inchikey_template = "{ns}calculated-properties/{ns}property[{ns}kind='InChIKey']/{ns}value"
inchi_template = "{ns}calculated-properties/{ns}property[{ns}kind='InChI']/{ns}value"

rows = list()
for i, drug in enumerate(root):
    row = collections.OrderedDict()
    assert drug.tag == ns + 'drug'
    row['type'] = drug.get('type')
    row['drugbank_id'] = drug.findtext(ns + "drugbank-id[@primary='true']")
    row['name'] = drug.findtext(ns + "name")
    row['description'] = drug.findtext(ns + "description")
    row['groups'] = [group.text for group in
        drug.findall("{ns}groups/{ns}group".format(ns = ns))]
    row['atc_codes'] = [code.get('code') for code in
        drug.findall("{ns}atc-codes/{ns}atc-code".format(ns = ns))]
    row['categories'] = [x.findtext(ns + 'category') for x in
        drug.findall("{ns}categories/{ns}category".format(ns = ns))]
    row['inchi'] = drug.findtext(inchi_template.format(ns = ns))
    row['inchikey'] = drug.findtext(inchikey_template.format(ns = ns))
    # Add drug aliases
    aliases = {
        elem.text for elem in 
        drug.findall("{ns}international-brands/{ns}international-brand".format(ns = ns)) +
        drug.findall("{ns}synonyms/{ns}synonym[@language='English']".format(ns = ns)) +
        drug.findall("{ns}international-brands/{ns}international-brand".format(ns = ns)) +
        drug.findall("{ns}products/{ns}product/{ns}name".format(ns = ns))

    row['aliases'] = sorted(aliases)

In [4]:
alias_dict = {row['drugbank_id']: row['aliases'] for row in rows}
with open('./data/aliases.json', 'w') as fp:
    json.dump(alias_dict, fp, indent=2, sort_keys=True)
In [5]:
def collapse_list_values(row):
    for key, value in row.items():
        if isinstance(value, list):
            row[key] = '|'.join(value)
    return row

rows = list(map(collapse_list_values, rows))
In [6]:
columns = ['drugbank_id', 'name', 'type', 'groups', 'atc_codes', 'categories', 'inchikey', 'inchi', 'description']
drugbank_df = pandas.DataFrame.from_dict(rows)[columns]
drugbank_id name type groups atc_codes categories inchikey inchi description
0 DB00001 Lepirudin biotech approved B01AE02 Antithrombins|Fibrinolytic Agents None None Lepirudin is identical to natural hirudin exce...
1 DB00002 Cetuximab biotech approved L01XC06 Antineoplastic Agents None None Epidermal growth factor receptor binding FAB. ...
2 DB00003 Dornase alfa biotech approved R05CB13 Enzymes None None Dornase alfa is a biosynthetic form of human d...
3 DB00004 Denileukin diftitox biotech approved|investigational L01XX29 Antineoplastic Agents None None A recombinant DNA-derived cytotoxic protein co...
4 DB00005 Etanercept biotech approved|investigational L04AB01 Immunosuppressive Agents None None Dimeric fusion protein consisting of the extra...
In [7]:
drugbank_slim_df = drugbank_df[ x: 'approved' in x) & x: x is not None) & x: x == 'small molecule')
drugbank_id name type groups atc_codes categories inchikey inchi description
13 DB00014 Goserelin small molecule approved L02AE03 InChIKey=BLCLNMBMMGCOAS-URPVMXJPSA-N InChI=1S/C59H84N18O14/c1-31(2)22-40(49(82)68-3... Goserelin is a synthetic hormone. In men, it s...
34 DB00035 Desmopressin small molecule approved H01BA02 Antidiuretic Agents|Hemostatics|Renal Agents InChIKey=NFLWUMRGJYTJIN-NXBWRCJVSA-N InChI=1S/C46H64N14O12S2/c47-35(62)15-14-29-40(... Desmopressin is a chemical that is similar to ...
48 DB00050 Cetrorelix small molecule approved|investigational H01CC02 Hormone Antagonists|Fertility Agents InChIKey=SBNPWPIBESPSIF-MHWMIDJBSA-N InChI=1S/C70H92ClN17O14/c1-39(2)31-52(61(94)82... Cetrorelix is a man-made hormone that blocks t...
86 DB00091 Cyclosporine small molecule approved|investigational L04AD01|S01XA18 Antirheumatic Agents|Dermatologic Agents|Immun... InChIKey=PMATZTZNYRCHOR-IMVLJIQENA-N InChI=1/C62H111N11O12/c1-25-27-28-40(15)52(75)... A cyclic undecapeptide from an extract of soil...
88 DB00093 Felypressin small molecule approved Vasoconstrictor Agents|Renal Agents InChIKey=SFKQVVDKFKYTNA-YVGXZPIDNA-N InChI=1/C46H65N13O11S2/c47-18-8-7-14-29(40(64)... A synthetic nonapeptide comprising cysteinyl, ...
In [8]:
# write drugbank tsv
path = os.path.join('data', 'drugbank.tsv')
drugbank_df.to_csv(path, sep='\t', index=False)

# write slim drugbank tsv
path = os.path.join('data', 'drugbank-slim.tsv')
drugbank_slim_df.to_csv(path, sep='\t', index=False)

Extract protein information

In [243]:
protein_rows = list()
for i, drug in enumerate(root):
    drugbank_id = drug.findtext(ns + "drugbank-id[@primary='true']")
    for category in ['target', 'enzyme', 'carrier', 'transporter']:
        proteins = drug.findall('{ns}{cat}s/{ns}{cat}'.format(ns=ns, cat=category))
        for protein in proteins:
            row = {'drugbank_id': drugbank_id, 'category': category}
            row['organism'] = protein.findtext('{}organism'.format(ns))
            row['known_action'] = protein.findtext('{}known-action'.format(ns))
            actions = protein.findall('{ns}actions/{ns}action'.format(ns=ns))
            row['actions'] = '|'.join(action.text for action in actions)
            uniprot_ids = [polypep.text for polypep in protein.findall(
            if len(uniprot_ids) != 1:
            row['uniprot_id'] = uniprot_ids[0]
            ref_text = protein.findtext("{ns}references[@format='textile']".format(ns=ns))
            pmids = re.findall(r'pubmed/([0-9]+)', ref_text)
            row['pubmed_ids'] = '|'.join(pmids)

protein_df = pandas.DataFrame.from_dict(protein_rows)
In [239]:
# Read our uniprot to entrez_gene mapping
response = requests.get('', stream=True)
text = io.TextIOWrapper(gzip.GzipFile(fileobj=response.raw))
uniprot_df = pandas.read_table(text, engine='python')
uniprot_df.rename(columns={'uniprot': 'uniprot_id', 'GeneID': 'entrez_gene_id'}, inplace=True)

# merge uniprot mapping with protein_df
entrez_df = protein_df.merge(uniprot_df, how='inner')
In [240]:
columns = ['drugbank_id', 'category', 'uniprot_id', 'entrez_gene_id', 'organism',
           'known_action', 'actions', 'pubmed_ids']
entrez_df = entrez_df[columns]
In [241]:
path = os.path.join('data', 'proteins.tsv')
entrez_df.to_csv(path, sep='\t', index=False)
In [ ]:
In [251]:
# Number of unique genes with an interaction
In [252]:
# Number of unique drugs  with an interaction
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