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%pylab inline
Populating the interactive namespace from numpy and matplotlib
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  warn("Due to a bug in pyparsing <= 2.0.0 on Python 3.x, packrat parsing "

Game of Thrones TVD Plugin


The following command will install GameOfThrones TVD plugin (and TVD if it is missing)

pip install TVDGameOfThrones

This will install additional dependencies for visualizing resources in Jupyter/IPython notebook:

pip install "tvd[notebook]"

Download all resources

The following command will download all resources for Game Of Thrones into /tmp/ directory.

python -m tvd.create metadata /tmp/ GameOfThrones

Available resources

Initialize GameOfThrones TVD plugin

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from tvd import GameOfThrones
gameOfThrones = GameOfThrones('/tmp')
    title = {{Game of Thrones Wiki}},
    howpublished = \url{}

    title = {{Forever Dreaming}},
    howpublished = \url{}

    title = {{Forever Dreaming}},
    howpublished = \url{}

Get first episode

In [3]:
episode = gameOfThrones.episodes[0]
Episode(series='GameOfThrones', season=1, episode=1)

Segmentation into scenes


  • manual segmentation into scenes
In [10]:
scenes = gameOfThrones.get_resource('scenes', episode)
/Users/bredin/Python/tmp-cab9fff2ebeb8a45/lib/python3.4/site-packages/matplotlib-1.4.3-py3.4-macosx-10.10-x86_64.egg/matplotlib/ FutureWarning: elementwise comparison failed; returning scalar instead, but in the future will perform elementwise comparison
  if self._edgecolors == str('face'):



  • scene summary

Does not provide timestamps.

In [7]:
outline_www = gameOfThrones.get_resource('outline_www', episode)
() F F G G F->G AM AM AN AN AM->AN scene Robert pays his respects to... BB BB BC BC BB->BC Y Y Z Z Y->Z scene Jon, Robb and Theon prepare... AB AB AC AC AB->AC AF AF AG AG AF->AG AX AX AY AY AX->AY AO AO AN->AO BR BR ^ ^ BR->^ O O P P O->P scene A dead direwolf and her pup... AT AT AU AU AT->AU AL AL AL->AM AP AP AQ AQ AP->AQ R R S S R->S L L M M L->M BM BM BN BN BM->BN scene Dany and Drogo consummate t... N N M->N scene Will is brought before Lord... AH AH AI AI AH->AI BH BH BI BI BH->BI AR AR AQ->AR scene Drogo arrives in Pentos Mag... AA AA Z->AA BG BG BG->BH scene Arya flings food at Sansa A... Q Q P->Q BA BA BA->BB scene Ned and Benjen speak Benjen... I I J J I->J scene Sansa practices her needle ... AZ AZ AY->AZ scene Tyrion and Jon meet Jon Sno... BL BL BL->BM BQ BQ BQ->BR scene Bran is pushed out the towe... T T U U T->U AA->AB scene Bran is scolded for climbin... H H H->I BP BP BP->BQ AV AV AW AW AV->AW V V U->V scene Cat arrives to tell Ned of ... AJ AJ AI->AJ scene Jaime searches for Tyrion J... BO BO BN->BO BK BK BK->BL scene Dany and Drogo at their wed... S->T scene Cat leaves to bring news to... AS AS AS->AT scene Viserys explains to Dany ho... BD BD BC->BD scene Joffrey smiles at Sansa Rob... AK AK AK->AL scene Tyrion and Ros are interrup... BE BE BF BF BE->BF scene Jaime confronts Ned Jaime L... AO->AP scene Daenerys in Pentos In the F... BO->BP scene Ned leaves Winterfell with ... K K K->L scene Arya shoots a bulls-eye Bra... B B C C B->C J->K X X X->Y BD->BE AE AE AE->AF scene The Stark family and retain... AG->AH scene King Robert asks Ned to be ... AD AD AD->AE D D E E D->E BF->BG N->O AU->AV scene Sansa hopes that Joffrey wi... W W V->W G->H scene Bran practices his archery ... W->X scene Luwin and Cat prepare for t... E->F scene A rider bears news of the c... Q->R scene Jaime and Cersei In King's ... BJ BJ BJ->BK AR->AS $ $ A A $->A AZ->BA A->B scene Waymar Royce, Gared and Wil... AC->AD scene Arya watches the royal proc... AJ->AK C->D scene Will is captured Will, havi... AW->AX scene Cat and Cersei The feast ge... BI->BJ scene Cat tries to persuade Ned n...



  • speaker label
  • speech content

Does not provide timestamps.

In [8]:
transcript = gameOfThrones.get_resource('transcript', episode)
() OH OH OI OI OH->OI NW NW NX NX NW->NX speech I wouldn't ask Khal Drogo. speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS CR CR CS CS CR->CS HW HW HX HX HW->HX speech Hey, hey, hey, hey. What ar... speaker EDDARD_STARK WS WS WT WT WS->WT speech Rough night, Imp? speaker SANDOR_CLEGANE SF SF SG SG SF->SG VA VA VB VB VA->VB speech The king rode for a month t... speaker MAESTER_LUWIN AB AB AC AC AB->AC GT GT GU GU GT->GU YF YF BU BU BV BV BU->BV speech In the name of Robert of th... speaker EDDARD_STARK LI LI LJ LJ LI->LJ speech M'lord. speaker ROS OB OB OC OC OB->OC BB BB BC BC BB->BC ET ET EU EU ET->EU UT UT UU UU UT->UU IQ IQ IR IR IQ->IR speech Who have we here? You must ... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON ST ST SU SU ST->SU LD LD LE LE LD->LE JQ JQ JR JR JQ->JR speech One minute he was fine, and... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON AP AP AQ AQ AP->AQ HZ HZ IA IA HZ->IA VE VE VF VF VE->VF speech A different time. Different... speaker MAESTER_LUWIN UZ UZ UZ->VA VT VT VU VU VT->VU SJ SJ SK SK SJ->SK DW DW DX DX DW->DX speech Right. Give it here. speaker THEON_GREYJOY EE EE EF EF EE->EF speech Please, father! speaker BRAN_STARK PH PH PI PI PH->PI P P Q Q P->Q CQ CQ CQ->CR speech Is it true he saw the White... speaker BRAN_STARK FK FK FL FL FK->FL speech That's an honor I can do wi... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER QB QB QC QC QB->QC OF OF OG OG OF->OG JJ JJ JK JK JJ->JK US US US->UT speech She's fresh widowed, Cat. S... speaker EDDARD_STARK SV SV SW SW SV->SW T T U U T->U RA RA RB RB RA->RB speech You at a feast -- It's like... speaker BENJEN_STARK GB GB GC GC GB->GC WG WG WH WH WG->WH speech Make him happy. speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN IW IW IX IX IW->IX speech That's Jaime Lannister. The... speaker ARYA_STARK IE IE IF IF IE->IF speech Cat! speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON UC UC UD UD UC->UD speech He only stops eating when i... speaker CATELYN_STARK MW MW MX MX MW->MX speech Where is he? speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN KK KK KL KL KK->KL speech And the queen. And her twin... speaker ROS WP WP WQ WQ WP->WQ LA LA LB LB LA->LB speech We've been expecting you, L... speaker ROS UF UF UG UG UF->UG NV NV NV->NW EB EB EC EC EB->EC GJ GJ GK GK GJ->GK K K L L K->L speech Do the dead frighten you? speaker WAYMAR_ROYCE B B C C B->C RQ RQ RR RR RQ->RR speech Uncle Benjen. speaker ROBB_STARK NE NE NF NF NE->NF speech Come forward, my dear. speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS GV GV GW GW GV->GW DV DV DV->DW QF QF QG QG QF->QG GX GX GW->GX speech I hear the prince is a righ... speaker ROBB_STARK F F G G F->G SZ SZ TA TA SZ->TA CL CL CM CM CL->CM JN JN JO JO JN->JO LF LF LE->LF speech The gods gave me one blessing. speaker TYRION_LANNISTER TY TY TZ TZ TY->TZ speech I'll say, 'Listen, fat man,... speaker CATELYN_STARK FD FD FE FE FD->FE MV MV MV->MW N N O O N->O WI WI WH->WI AW AW AX AX AW->AX speech Lord Stark. My lady. A guar... speaker RODRIK_CASSEL BZ BZ CA CA BZ->CA IP IP IP->IQ CY CY CZ CZ CY->CZ speech What is it? speaker JON_SNOW IG IG IF->IG MF MF MG MG MF->MG WF WF WF->WG A A A->B speech What do you expect? They're... speaker WAYMAR_ROYCE HL HL HM HM HL->HM SN SN SO SO SN->SO PF PF PG PG PF->PG D D C->D speech I've never seen wildlings d... speaker WILL FQ FQ FR FR FQ->FR speech I wonder if the old gods ag... speaker CATELYN_STARK VO VO VP VP VO->VP speech I piss on Dothraki omens. I... speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN OU OU OV OV OU->OV speech Hush now. Your father hasn'... speaker CATELYN_STARK EV EV EU->EV speech As your brother, I feel it'... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER XF XF XG XG XF->XG CW CW CX CX CW->CX speech A madman sees what he sees. speaker EDDARD_STARK MO MO MP MP MO->MP speech Illyrio is no fool. He know... speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN BY BY BY->BZ speech King of the Andals and the ... speaker EDDARD_STARK XZ XZ YA YA XZ->YA KI KI KJ KJ KI->KJ speech I did hear something about ... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER PJ PJ PK PK PJ->PK XQ XQ XR XR XQ->XR speech Are you completely mad? speaker JAIME_LANNISTER OW OW OV->OW MY MY MZ MZ MY->MZ speech The Dothraki are not known ... speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS IT IT IU IU IT->IU ED ED ED->EE NR NR NS NS NR->NS SM SM SM->SN speech No, Your Grace. speaker SANSA_STARK RI RI RJ RJ RI->RJ speech The two he was with are sti... speaker BENJEN_STARK NB NB NC NC NB->NC O->P speech You don't think he'll ask u... speaker WAYMAR_ROYCE XD XD XE XE XD->XE SC SC SD SD SC->SD speech Hello, little dove. But you... speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER VS VS VS->VT speech A small gift, for the new K... speaker JORAH_MORMONT AF AF AG AG AF->AG XB XB XC XC XB->XC FV FV FW FW FV->FW NM NM NN NN NM->NN speech Trust me, Your Grace. If he... speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS MD MD ME ME MD->ME WW WW WX WX WW->WX speech I didn't pick you for a hun... speaker SANDOR_CLEGANE AY AY AZ AZ AY->AZ speech Get the lads to saddle thei... speaker EDDARD_STARK MJ MJ MK MK MJ->MK KC KC KD KD KC->KD speech I'm not trying to honor you... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON EH EH EI EI EH->EI LG LG LF->LG MM MM MN MN MM->MN speech We've been his guests for o... speaker DAENERYS_TARGARYEN XJ XJ XK XK XJ->XK IV IV IU->IV speech Ooh. Show us your muscles. ... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON ND ND ND->NE KM KM KL->KM EJ EJ EI->EJ speech Lord Stark? There are five ... speaker JON_SNOW VN VN VN->VO TT TT TU TU TT->TU BW BW BV->BW LQ LQ LR LR LQ->LR speech A family trait. Now, the St... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER CP CP CP->CQ LY LY LZ LZ LY->LZ speech Did you have to bury her in... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON RG RG RH RH RG->RH speech He was talking madness. Sai... speaker EDDARD_STARK KH KH KH->KI DM DM DN DN DM->DN speech Now there are five. speaker JON_SNOW IV->IW GL GL GK->GL speech I'm told he drinks all night. speaker MAESTER_LUWIN UX UX UY UY UX->UY NH NH NI NI NH->NI KT KT KU KU KT->KU LM LM LN LN LM->LN speech You've much to teach me, no... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER QW QW QX QX QW->QX speech What the hell do you know a... speaker JON_SNOW VK VK VL VL VK->VL speech When? speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN VJ VJ VJ->VK VG VG VH VH VG->VH speech When do I meet with the Kha... speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN VM VM VL->VM YB YB YA->YB speech Ten. speaker BRAN_STARK SP SP SQ SQ SP->SQ FI FI FJ FJ FI->FJ speech You should be the Hand of t... speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER UE UE UD->UE AH AH AG->AH speech And your mother. speaker JON_SNOW BS BS BT BT BS->BT speech Forgive me, lord. speaker WILL AU AU AV AV AU->AV speech Quick, Bran, faster! speaker ROBB_STARK DY DY DZ DZ DY->DZ speech No! speaker BRAN_STARK NU NU NU->NV speech Is it true they lie with th... speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN H H G->H speech Close as any man would. speaker WILL HN HN HO HO HN->HO AJ AJ AK AK AJ->AK OS OS OT OT OS->OT speech When would we be married? S... speaker SANSA_STARK W W X X W->X speech They were here. speaker WILL SX SX SY SY SX->SY HD HD HE HE HD->HE MQ MQ MP->MQ ML ML ML->MM GD GD GC->GD speech They both have their health... speaker CATELYN_STARK YD YD YE YE YD->YE MR MR MS MS MR->MS RL RL RM RM RL->RM PU PU PV PV PU->PV speech Father will let me if you a... speaker JON_SNOW UO UO UP UP UO->UP speech What news? speaker EDDARD_STARK OO OO OP OP OO->OP speech Then he is the stupidest pr... speaker CATELYN_STARK VD VD VD->VE DL DL DL->DM AM AM AN AN AM->AN speech I love the detail that you'... speaker SEPTA_MORDANE NO NO NP NP NO->NP speech It won't be long now. Soon ... speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS LC LC LC->LD speech Have you? speaker TYRION_LANNISTER WR WR WR->WS EO EO EP EP EO->EP speech I'm not a Stark. Get on. speaker JON_SNOW UR UR UR->US TQ TQ TR TR TQ->TR speech Time for bed. speaker ROBB_STARK HB HB HC HC HB->HC RT RT RU RU RT->RU KO KO KP KP KO->KP speech The queen has two brothers? speaker ROS GI GI GI->GJ speech We need plenty of candles f... speaker CATELYN_STARK TE TE TF TF TE->TF speech I'm sure we'll have a tourn... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER MQ->MR speech No. speaker DAENERYS_TARGARYEN VF->VG KW KW KX KX KW->KX speech Oh? I hear he's more than e... speaker ROS PX PX PY PY PX->PY LS LS LR->LS PO PO PP PP PO->PP speech Well, you're always welcome... speaker BENJEN_STARK IM IM IN IN IM->IN speech Where's the Imp? speaker ARYA_STARK PS PS PT PT PS->PT speech Jon ... speaker BENJEN_STARK RS RS RR->RS OZ OZ PA PA OZ->PA DT DT DU DU DT->DU IS IS IR->IS IO IO IO->IP speech Will you shut up? speaker SANSA_STARK II II IJ IJ II->IJ speech Nine years. Why haven't I s... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON FX FX FW->FX speech Tell me. speaker EDDARD_STARK EA EA EA->EB speech Put away your blade. speaker ROBB_STARK XP XP XP->XQ IK IK IJ->IK WJ WJ WI->WJ speech No. speaker KHAL_DROGO TC TC TD TD TC->TD speech Yes, the king has honored m... speaker EDDARD_STARK I I J J I->J speech We should head back to the ... speaker GARED OK OK OL OL OK->OL speech We go home with an army. Wi... speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN AT AT AT->AU IL IL IL->IM DU->DV speech Better a quick death. They ... speaker EDDARD_STARK QZ QZ QZ->RA TK TK TL TL TK->TL speech I don't fight in tournament... speaker EDDARD_STARK YC YC YC->YD speech Ten. speaker JAIME_LANNISTER EY EY EZ EZ EY->EZ speech There was nothing to be afr... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER GQ GQ GR GR GQ->GR speech In any case, candles. speaker CATELYN_STARK ME->MF speech It's done, Your Grace. The ... speaker EDDARD_STARK PI->PJ speech Uncle Benjen! speaker JON_SNOW WQ->WR speech No. speaker KHAL_DROGO KA KA KB KB KA->KB speech I'm not worthy of the honor. speaker EDDARD_STARK UY->UZ speech They murdered the last Hand... speaker CATELYN_STARK PM PM PN PN PM->PN speech Lady Stark thought it might... speaker JON_SNOW TJ TJ TJ->TK XY XY XY->XZ speech I heard you the first time.... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER OD OD OE OE OD->OE KJ->KK FH FH FH->FI AO AO AO->AP speech And which one of you was a ... speaker EDDARD_STARK BO BO BP BP BO->BP speech White Walkers. I saw the Wh... speaker WILL MN->MO DG DG DH DH DG->DH speech It's a direwolf. speaker EDDARD_STARK PE PE PE->PF speech Please, please. It's the on... speaker SANSA_STARK QR QR QS QS QR->QS IY IY IZ IZ IY->IZ speech Would you please shut up. speaker SANSA_STARK TH TH TI TI TH->TI NT NT NT->NU TV TV TU->TV speech I won't let him take you. speaker CATELYN_STARK WY WY WZ WZ WY->WZ speech The greatest in the land. M... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER VY VY VZ VZ VY->VZ speech Dragons' eggs, Daenerys. Fr... speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS JH JH JI JI JH->JI OG->OH speech So do I. I want us both to ... speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN EX EX EX->EY AD AD AE AE AD->AE FM FM FN FN FM->FN speech All these years and I still... speaker CATELYN_STARK RC RC RB->RC AA AA AA->AB speech What is it? speaker WAYMAR_ROYCE QT QT QS->QT speech Lord Eddard Stark is my fat... speaker JON_SNOW DO DO DP DP DO->DP speech You want to hold it? speaker JON_SNOW E E E->F speech How close did you get? speaker WAYMAR_ROYCE FL->FM BA BA AZ->BA RX RX RY RY RX->RY LB->LC RN RN RM->RN speech Maybe. Direwolves south of ... speaker BENJEN_STARK MX->MY TO TO TP TP TO->TP speech Arya! speaker SANSA_STARK UH UH UI UI UH->UI DE DE DF DF DE->DF speech It's a freak. speaker THEON_GREYJOY UK UK UL UL UK->UL speech Stay. speaker EDDARD_STARK VX VX VX->VY Y Y Z Z Y->Z speech See where they went. speaker GARED HF HF HG HG HF->HG EK EK EL EL EK->EL speech You will train them yoursel... speaker EDDARD_STARK XL XL XM XM XL->XM RW RW RW->RX speech Is this your first time in ... speaker CATELYN_STARK XA XA WZ->XA PB PB PA->PB speech You left your home to come ... speaker SANSA_STARK DA DA DB DB DA->DB speech Mountain lion? speaker THEON_GREYJOY XW XW XX XX XW->XX speech He saw us! speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER CK CK CK->CL speech But do you understand why I... speaker EDDARD_STARK EW EW EW->EX speech And you never worry about a... speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER FU FU FU->FV speech I am so sorry, my love. speaker CATELYN_STARK UB UB UB->UC GY GY GX->GY GU->GV speech It's for the queen, I bet. ... speaker THEON_GREYJOY SS SS SS->ST speech I hear we might share a gra... speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER R R S S R->S MA MA MB MB MA->MB speech She was my sister. This is ... speaker EDDARD_STARK SY->SZ speech Your pardon. speaker EDDARD_STARK FO FO FN->FO FS FS FR->FS MH MH MG->MH speech Not all of them. speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON JX JX JY JY JX->JY IB IB IA->IB speech Your Grace. speaker EDDARD_STARK YE->YF speech The things I do for love. speaker JAIME_LANNISTER GG GG GH GH GG->GH speech You can always say no, Ned. speaker CATELYN_STARK HP HP HQ HQ HP->HQ UQ UQ UP->UQ TI->TJ speech No? Getting a little old fo... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER PT->PU DC DC DD DD DC->DD speech There are no mountain lions... speaker EDDARD_STARK RD RD RC->RD speech The boy I beheaded. Did you... speaker EDDARD_STARK FY FY FX->FY RE RE RF RF RE->RF speech Of course I did. Just a lad... speaker BENJEN_STARK VC VC VB->VC IH IH IG->IH speech Your Grace. speaker CATELYN_STARK RZ RZ SA SA RZ->SA TM TM TL->TM FZ FZ GA GA FZ->GA RP RP RP->RQ UA UA UA->UB speech How did he get so fat? speaker EDDARD_STARK MT MT MS->MT speech When they write the history... speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN VI VI VH->VI BD BD BC->BD speech He swore an oath, Cat. speaker EDDARD_STARK FA FA EZ->FA CO CO CO->CP speech The man who passes the sent... speaker EDDARD_STARK JW JW JW->JX speech Aye. speaker EDDARD_STARK IN->IO IK->IL speech Guarding the North for you,... speaker EDDARD_STARK IC IC IB->IC KY KY KX->KY LT LT LU LU LT->LU DN->DO X->Y ER ER ES ES ER->ES CT CT CS->CT speech The White Walkers have been... speaker EDDARD_STARK JP JP JP->JQ SB SB SB->SC QU QU QT->QU AR AR AS AS AR->AS WA WA WB WB WA->WB speech Thank you, Magister. speaker DAENERYS_TARGARYEN WK WK WL WL WK->WL speech Do you know the Common Tongue? speaker DAENERYS_TARGARYEN HI HI HJ HJ HI->HJ speech But he's coming right now! ... speaker BRAN_STARK FG FG FG->FH speech If he told the king, both o... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER DK DK DK->DL speech There are no direwolves sou... speaker ROBB_STARK XS XS XR->XS GP GP GP->GQ LS->LT speech I'm sorry, I've begun the f... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER QL QL QM QM QL->QM JA JA JB JB JA->JB speech My queen. speaker EDDARD_STARK DD->DE QN QN QO QO QN->QO HV HV HV->HW KN KN KM->KN speech And the other brother? speaker TYRION_LANNISTER BT->BU TD->TE GS GS GR->GS OX OX OW->OX speech Why would he say no? He'd b... speaker SANSA_STARK QH QH QG->QH speech Your uncle's in the Night's... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER WC WC WB->WC WV WV WV->WW JL JL JM JM JL->JM TN TN TM->TN speech Well said. speaker JAIME_LANNISTER VQ VQ VR VR VQ->VR speech A Dothraki wedding without ... speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS UW UW UW->UX speech If this news is true, and t... speaker MAESTER_LUWIN LV LV LU->LV speech I thought you might say tha... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER ON ON ON->OO WU WU WT->WU BE BE BD->BE KV KV KU->KV speech I hear he hates that nickname. speaker TYRION_LANNISTER QP QP QO->QP speech My greatest accomplishment.... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER SO->SP speech And your dress. Did you mak... speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER XE->XF speech No, but I'm still better th... speaker EDDARD_STARK SE SE SE->SF speech Thirteen, Your Grace. speaker SANSA_STARK ID ID ID->IE HS HS HT HT HS->HT speech You always look at your fee... speaker CATELYN_STARK HC->HD speech Gods, but they grow fast. B... speaker CATELYN_STARK PD PD PD->PE AQ->AR speech Don't think too much, Bran. speaker JON_SNOW CF CF CG CG CF->CG GZ GZ GY->GZ speech Think of all those southern... speaker THEON_GREYJOY EM EM EL->EM NN->NO HR HR HR->HS BL BL BM BM BL->BM QI QI QJ QJ QI->QJ speech What're you doing back there? speaker JON_SNOW BQ BQ BR BR BQ->BR speech I know I broke my oath. And... speaker WILL GM GM GL->GM XO XO XO->XP speech Stop. Stop! speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER OA OA OA->OB speech I take you for a king. King... speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS UV UV UV->UW DQ DQ DP->DQ H->I AV->AW NJ NJ NI->NJ speech The ceremony is over. speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS WX->WY GE GE GF GF GE->GF speech If he's coming this far Nor... speaker EDDARD_STARK HQ->HR speech What? speaker BRAN_STARK LX LX LX->LY FP FP FO->FP speech You have five northern chil... speaker EDDARD_STARK HK HK HJ->HK WD WD WC->WD speech She's beautiful. ... Ser Jo... speaker DAENERYS_TARGARYEN MU MU MU->MV speech It's too hot, my lady. speaker MAID RK RK RJ->RK TS TS TR->TS JO->JP speech Tell me about Jon Arryn. speaker EDDARD_STARK JV JV JV->JW PZ PZ PY->PZ speech I'm ready to swear your oath. speaker JON_SNOW UM UM UL->UM OQ OQ OP->OQ VV VV VW VW VV->VW SL SL SK->SL speech And have you bled yet? speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER NY NY NZ NZ NY->NZ speech Do you take me for a fool? speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN KE KE KF KF KE->KF speech Mmh. It is true what they s... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER MI MI MH->MI VZ->WA FC FC FC->FD speech But who would he tell? speaker JAIME_LANNISTER XC->XD speech Are you as good with a spea... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON SA->SB speech I'm sure it's very grim, af... speaker CATELYN_STARK AI AI AI->AJ speech Fine work, as always. Well ... speaker SEPTA_MORDANE PL PL PK->PL speech You got bigger. Rode all da... speaker BENJEN_STARK SD->SE DF->DG UU->UV speech Lysa's head would be on a s... speaker CATELYN_STARK FY->FZ speech There was a raven from King... speaker CATELYN_STARK WM WM WL->WM HO->HP speech Do you know what? speaker CATELYN_STARK ES->ET speech The runt of the litter. Tha... speaker THEON_GREYJOY RK->RL speech A wildling ambush. speaker EDDARD_STARK KZ KZ KY->KZ speech Clever girl. speaker TYRION_LANNISTER AN->AO AC->AD speech It's ... speaker GARED FT FT FS->FT speech It's your gods with all the... speaker EDDARD_STARK CH CH CI CI CH->CI XI XI XI->XJ speech I hope I'll serve you well. speaker EDDARD_STARK WE WE WE->WF speech There is no word for 'thank... speaker JORAH_MORMONT RH->RI HU HU HT->HU JS JS JR->JS IC->ID speech You've got fat. speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON MC MC MB->MC QY QY QX->QY LO LO LN->LO QH->QI BG BG BH BH BG->BH speech Tell Bran he's coming, too. speaker EDDARD_STARK EC->ED speech I take orders from your fat... speaker THEON_GREYJOY RO RO RN->RO XT XT XS->XT speech He saw us. speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER AX->AY JZ JZ JY->JZ speech Don't look at me like that.... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON XA->XB speech It's not hunting if you pay... speaker SANDOR_CLEGANE LK LK LJ->LK SW->SX speech Your daughter will do well ... speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER BR->BS EG EG EG->EH speech I'm sorry, Bran. speaker EDDARD_STARK SR SR SQ->SR speech Such talent. You must make ... speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER KQ KQ KR KR KQ->KR speech There's the pretty one. And... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER KB->KC LL LL LK->LL speech Should I explain to you the... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER VR->VS CC CC CD CD CC->CD speech Lord of the Seven Kingdoms ... speaker EDDARD_STARK QQ QQ QQ->QR speech Did I offend you? Sorry. Yo... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER QA QA PZ->QA NG NG NF->NG LH LH LG->LH speech Don't get up. speaker JAIME_LANNISTER LH->LI WN WN WM->WN speech No. speaker KHAL_DROGO UQ->UR speech She's fled the capital. She... speaker CATELYN_STARK HU->HV speech Where's Arya? Sansa, where'... speaker CATELYN_STARK QK QK QJ->QK RS->RT speech Robb boy. How are you? speaker BENJEN_STARK CE CE CE->CF speech You did well. speaker JON_SNOW CX->CY QK->QL speech Preparing for a night with ... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER KN->KO JZ->KA IS->IT speech Arya. speaker ARYA_STARK LW LW LV->LW BN BN BN->BO RY->RZ speech Yes. Lovely country. speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER GF->GG BK BK BK->BL speech He won't be a boy forever. ... speaker EDDARD_STARK GO GO GO->GP speech We've brought up eight barr... speaker MAESTER_LUWIN BF BF BE->BF speech The law is law, my lady. speaker RODRIK_CASSEL RV RV RV->RW NQ NQ NP->NQ BX BX BX->BY LP LP LP->LQ LW->LX speech Close the door! speaker TYRION_LANNISTER RU->RV speech I'm good. speaker ROBB_STARK JT JT JU JU JT->JU UJ UJ UI->UJ speech Pardon, my lord, my lady. A... speaker MAESTER_LUWIN OJ OJ OJ->OK D->E BF->BG UG->UH speech Send him in. speaker EDDARD_STARK RO->RP speech Winter is coming. speaker EDDARD_STARK IX->IY OM OM OM->ON speech Do you think Joffrey will l... speaker SANSA_STARK SR->SS GS->GT speech Why's your mother so dead-s... speaker JON_SNOW MT->MU QE QE QE->QF speech You might, if you knew what... speaker BENJEN_STARK TG TG TG->TH speech I don't fight in tournaments. speaker EDDARD_STARK BA->BB speech Do you have to? speaker CATELYN_STARK TN->TO TX TX TX->TY HH HH HG->HH speech How many times have I told ... speaker CATELYN_STARK PC PC PB->PC PL->PM KS KS KR->KS TZ->UA IH->II QD QD QD->QE VC->VD speech He spent half his life figh... speaker CATELYN_STARK CN CN CM->CN speech Our way is the old way? speaker BRAN_STARK XU XU XV XV XU->XV speech It's all right. It's all ri... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER JF JF JG JG JF->JG BW->BX speech Don't look away. speaker JON_SNOW DJ DJ DJ->DK EV->EW JC JC JD JD JC->JD speech My queen. speaker CATELYN_STARK JE JE JE->JF speech Take me to your crypt. I wa... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON SH SH SG->SH speech You're tall. Still growing? speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER FJ->FK VI->VJ speech If Khal Drogo has promised ... speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS JM->JN speech Where is our brother? Go fi... speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER VM->VN speech When their omens favor war. speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS KG KG KG->KH speech Did you hear the king's in ... speaker ROS EN EN EN->EO QA->QB speech You don't understand what y... speaker BENJEN_STARK DZ->EA OY OY OY->OZ speech He'd have to leave home. He... speaker CATELYN_STARK DR DR DS DS DR->DS XH XH XG->XH speech I know what I'm putting you... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON BM->BN speech Lad, go run back and get th... speaker ROBB_STARK FP->FQ UE->UF speech It's Maester Luwin, my lord. speaker GUARD EM->EN speech What about you? speaker BRAN_STARK DX->DY BJ BJ BJ->BK NA NA MZ->NA VU->VV speech Thank you, ser. Are you fro... speaker DAENERYS_TARGARYEN OR OR OQ->OR speech He's so handsome. speaker SANSA_STARK XT->XU UJ->UK SU->SV speech I hear the same. speaker CATELYN_STARK QV QV QU->QV speech And Lady Stark is not your ... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER NQ->NR speech When will they be married? speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN PN->PO WU->WV speech If I get through this witho... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER KP->KQ IZ->JA NK NK NL NL NK->NL speech But he didn't say anything.... speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN BI BI BH->BI Z->AA CB CB CB->CC RD->RE DI DI DI->DJ speech Tough old beast. speaker EDDARD_STARK CG->CH speech You understand why I did it? speaker EDDARD_STARK PQ PQ PP->PQ PW PW PW->PX speech The Wall isn't going anywhere. speaker BENJEN_STARK VP->VQ OI->OJ speech I don't know. speaker DAENERYS_TARGARYEN HK->HL speech I want you to promise me: N... speaker CATELYN_STARK JI->JJ speech Ned. speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON AL AL AK->AL speech Thank you. speaker SANSA_STARK KZ->LA HM->HN speech I promise. speaker BRAN_STARK XN XN XN->XO J->K EJ->EK KF->KG XH->XI NC->ND speech Do you see how long his hai... speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN WO WO WN->WO QM->QN speech You're Tyrion Lannister. Th... speaker JON_SNOW PR PR PR->PS SL->SM S->T speech It's a good thing we're not... speaker WAYMAR_ROYCE VW->VX speech Ser Jorah Mormont of Bear I... speaker JORAH_MORMONT HY HY HX->HY OC->OD speech I know how to play a man li... speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN JG->JH speech We've been riding for a mon... speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER KS->KT speech I hear they call him the Imp. speaker ROS Q->R speech Whatever did it to them cou... speaker WILL HA HA GZ->HA V V U->V speech Your dead men seem to have ... speaker WAYMAR_ROYCE AE->AF speech Go on. Father's watching. speaker JON_SNOW JS->JT speech We both did. speaker EDDARD_STARK OL->OM PV->PW FF FF FE->FF speech My husband. speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER DB->DC FF->FG CJ CJ CI->CJ speech Jon said he was a deserter. speaker BRAN_STARK BI->BJ speech Ned. Ten is too young to se... speaker CATELYN_STARK HA->HB speech Go on, Tommy, shave him goo... speaker ROBB_STARK QV->QW QP->QQ FB FB FA->FB speech What if Jon Arryn told some... speaker CERSEI_LANNISTER GA->GB speech Your sister. The boy ... speaker EDDARD_STARK NG->NH speech Where's he going? speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN LZ->MA CV CV CV->CW MK->ML speech Daenerys! There's our bride... speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN TB TB TB->TC FB->FC NL->NM GH->GI WD->WE XK->XL speech You will. And I'll make sur... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON NS->NT speech Soon. The Dothraki never st... speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS QC->QD speech I don't care about that. speaker JON_SNOW EF->EG CA->CB speech Father will know if you do. speaker JON_SNOW DS->DT speech They don't belong down here. speaker RODRIK_CASSEL HY->HZ speech Move! speaker ARYA_STARK AS->AT speech Relax your bow arm. speaker ROBB_STARK M M L->M OX->OY CN->CO M->N speech Our orders were to track th... speaker GARED WO->WP speech Is 'no' the only word that ... speaker DAENERYS_TARGARYEN WJ->WK JD->JE NA->NB speech May I present my honored gu... speaker ILLYRIO_MOPATIS NZ->OA CJ->CK TW TW TW->TX speech The king takes what he want... speaker EDDARD_STARK EQ EQ EP->EQ AL->AM XX->XY PG->PH speech Is he dead yet? speaker BENJEN_STARK GD->GE KD->KE AH->AI HE->HF speech I saw the king! He's got hu... speaker BRAN_STARK PC->PD speech Sansa ... speaker CATELYN_STARK TF->TG BP->BQ OT->OU GN GN GN->GO TS->TT speech I'm a Northman. I belong he... speaker EDDARD_STARK QY->QZ speech All dwarves are bastards in... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER OR->OS LO->LP speech She has odd cravings, our s... speaker TYRION_LANNISTER TV->TW RF->RG FT->FU LL->LM NX->NY MC->MD speech She belonged with me. In my... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON UN UN UN->UO HH->HI DQ->DR speech Where will they go? Their m... speaker BRAN_STARK KV->KW JU->JV speech He never had to teach you m... speaker ROBERT_BARATHEON SI SI SH->SI XV->XW CZ->DA CU CU CT->CU DH->DI OE->OF speech I don't want to be his quee... speaker DAENERYS_TARGARYEN JK->JL speech Where's the Imp? speaker ARYA_STARK NJ->NK CD->CE YB->YC V->W SI->SJ speech I think so, Your Grace. speaker SANSA_STARK JB->JC TP->TQ TA->TB speech I hear we might be neighbor... speaker JAIME_LANNISTER EQ->ER speech What is it? speaker ROBB_STARK GM->GN speech How much could he possibly ... speaker CATELYN_STARK XM->XN speech Come on, you. speaker BRAN_STARK UM->UN speech This was sent from the Eyri... speaker CATELYN_STARK CU->CV speech So he was lying? speaker BRAN_STARK MI->MJ speech Daenerys! speaker VISERYS_TARGARYEN PQ->PR speech So take me with you when yo... speaker JON_SNOW

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transcript_aligned = gameOfThrones.get_resource('transcript_aligned', episode)
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() H H 189.4 189.4 H->189.4 189.55 189.55 189.6 189.6 189.55->189.6 184.68 184.68 184.87 184.87 184.68->184.87 confidence 0.6 speech you 187.11 187.11 187.27 187.27 187.11->187.27 confidence 0.99 speech lot 189.96 189.96 189.6->189.96 confidence 0.99 speech ripping 187.33 187.33 187.55 187.55 187.33->187.55 confidence 0.99 speech steals C C 184.87->C confidence 0.15 speech expect B B B->184.68 188.46 188.46 188.71 188.71 188.46->188.71 confidence 0.99 speech another 185.65 185.65 E E 185.65->E confidence 0.99 speech savages 189.4->189.55 confidence 0.48 speech they're 188.92 188.92 189.02 189.02 188.92->189.02 confidence 0.1 speech and D D C->D confidence 0.95 speech ? F F 186.34 186.34 F->186.34 185.37 185.37 185.53 185.53 185.37->185.53 188.71->188.92 confidence 0.99 speech lot 188.33 188.33 188.33->188.46 confidence 0.99 speech from 187.65 187.65 187.55->187.65 confidence 0.99 speech a D->185.37 $ $ 184.47 184.47 $->184.47 188.26 188.26 188.26->188.33 G G G->H confidence 0.1 speech , E->F confidence 0.95 speech . 189.2 189.2 189.27 189.27 189.2->189.27 confidence 0.1 speech you 189.34 189.34 189.34->G confidence 0.1 speech it 189.27->189.34 confidence 0.1 speech know 186.94 186.94 186.94->187.11 confidence 0.99 speech One 187.27->187.33 189.02->189.2 confidence 0.29 speech before A A 184.47->A confidence 0.99 speech What 185.53->185.65 confidence 0.99 speech They're 186.34->186.94 188.0 188.0 187.65->188.0 188.0->188.26 confidence 0.99 speech goat 190.12 190.12 189.96->190.12 confidence 0.99 speech each A->B confidence 0.1 speech do