Abjad examples converted to IPython Notebooks

These notebooks convert Abjad original examples to well... notebook format ;) .

To be have to use abjad output (i.e the scores) inlined in notebook you will need my code to bridge those.

After installation and importing, its usage is 100% transparent against abjad's standard dialect. Remember that abjad tends to use:

from abjad import *

Then you only have to do

%run ../src/abjad-nb.py

And everything will be inlined on the notebooks. This works by redefining the show function. The new function will also convert multi-page output.

This was tested on Python 3 with abjad from github (not the current stable - 2.14 - which does not support Python 3). If you want to use Python 2 and encounter any problems, please contact me. The code should work with 2.14, but the examples below will not.

I believe that the interactive/collaborative enviroment of IPython notebook is a perfect match for score writing.

The examples

Final dispositions

I just converted the examples, the content authorship rests with abjad's authors.

I did not convert most of the diacritics (just to avoid potential problems with folks who do not have software prepared for this), but after this stabilizes I will do that.

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