Exercises with IPython and the Notebook

Using notebooks made available by others on the Internet

Find a Notebook shared from the IPython Notebook Gallery and Download it via http://nbviewer.org. Then import it into your running Notebook server using the Dashboard.

Basic cell operations

Recall, the Notebook can contain cells of the following types:

  • Code
  • Markdown
  • Raw text

Create a new Notebook that has at least one of each cell type. Practice the following cell operations:

  • Moving up/down
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Merge/Split

Keyboard shortcuts

Go back to that last Notebook and repeat some of those cell operations using keyboard shortcuts:

  • Inserting cells above/below
  • Delete cell
  • Move cell up/down
  • Cut/copy/paste cell
  • Changing cell types

Markdown cells

If you still have time, study the notebook titled "Markdown Cells" and solve the small exercises included therein.