A0. Before You Begin-checkpoint.ipynb
A1. Linear Regression - Overview-checkpoint.ipynb
A2. Linear Regression - Data Exploration - Lending Club-checkpoint.ipynb
A3. Linear Regression - Analysis-checkpoint.ipynb
B2. Logistic Regression - Data Exploration-checkpoint.ipynb
B3. Logistic Regression - Analysis-checkpoint.ipynb
C1. Random Forests - Overview-checkpoint.ipynb
C2. Random Forests - Data Exploration-checkpoint.ipynb
C3. Random Forests - Analysis-checkpoint.ipynb
D1. K-Means Clustering - Overview-checkpoint.ipynb
D2. K-Means Clustering - Data Exploration-checkpoint.ipynb
D3. K-Means Clustering Analysis-checkpoint.ipynb
WA1. Linear Regression Overview Worksheet-checkpoint.ipynb
WA2. Linear Regression - Data Exploration - Lending Club Worksheet-checkpoint.ipynb
WA3. Linear Regression - Analysis Worksheet-checkpoint.ipynb
WA4. Linear Regression - Data Cleanup-checkpoint.ipynb
WB3. Logistic Regression - Analysis- Worksheet-checkpoint.ipynb
WC3. Random Forests - Analysis - Worksheet-checkpoint.ipynb
WC4. Random Forests - Data Cleanup-checkpoint.ipynb
WD2. K-Means Clustering - Data Exploration-Worksheet-checkpoint.ipynb
WD3. K-Means Clustering Analysis - Worksheet-checkpoint.ipynb
Z0. A quick tour of the IPython notebook-checkpoint.ipynb
Z1. Appendix 1 Plotting code snippets -checkpoint.ipynb
ZZZ1. Recording test-checkpoint.ipynb