Lectures - Symbolic quantum mechanics with SymPsi - Table of content

Author: J. R. Johansson ([email protected]), http://jrjohansson.github.io.

Status: Preliminary (work in progress)

This notebook is part of a series of IPython notebooks on symbolic quantum mechanics computations using SymPy and SymPsi. SymPsi is an experimental fork and extension of the sympy.physics.quantum module in SymPy. The latest version of this notebook is available at http://github.com/jrjohansson/sympy-quantum-notebooks, and the other notebooks in this lecture series are also indexed at http://jrjohansson.github.io.

Requirements: A recent version of SymPy and the latest development version of SymPsi is required to execute this notebook. Instructions for how to install SymPsi is available here.

Disclaimer: The SymPsi module is still under active development and may change in behavior without notice, and the intention is to move some of its features to sympy.physics.quantum when they matured and have been tested. However, these notebooks will be kept up-to-date the latest versions of SymPy and SymPsi.

About these notebooks

These notebooks are vaguely written in the form of lecture notes. However, the point of these notebooks is not to give an introduction to quantum mechanics or even the topics covered by the notebooks, but rather demonstrate how analytical calculations that are often necessary when working with these quantum mechanical systems can be carried out symbolically.

Table of content