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Chapter 1 - Import Data, Select Cases and Variables, Save DataFrame.ipynb
Chapter 2 - Aggregating and Analyzing Data by Twitter Account.ipynb
Chapter 3 - Analyzing Twitter Data by Time Period.ipynb
Chapter 4 - Analyzing Hashtags.ipynb
Chapter 5 - Generating New Variables.ipynb
Chapter 6 - Producing a Summary Statistics Table for Publication.ipynb
Chapter 7 - Analyzing Audience Reaction on Twitter.ipynb
Chapter 8 - Running, Interpreting, and Outputting Logistic Regression.ipynb
Charity Navigator (10) - Read in Electronic 990 Data to MongoDB.ipynb
Charity Navigator (10b) - Read Electronic 990 Data FROM MongoDB (create additional 'SOX' variables for robustness tests for orgs with 2016 donor advisories).ipynb
Charity Navigator (11) - Set up and Run Logits.ipynb
Charity Navigator (9) - Generate Variables for Logits (with old code for groupby-agg-'first')-checkpoint.ipynb
Charity Navigator (9) - Generate Variables for Logits-Copy1.ipynb
Charity Navigator (9b) - Merge and Variable Creation for Additional Robustness Tests.ipynb
Charity Navigator R&R (5) - Generate governance variables from e-file data and then merge into test 4 data.ipynb