The IPython Notebook Ecosystem
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%pylab inline
%run talktools
Populating the interactive namespace from numpy and matplotlib

Reproducible research...

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Notebooks and AMIs

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Notebook-based technical blogs

Jake VanderPlas (astronomy/ML at UW)

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Books: "Literate Computing"

Python for Signal Processing, By Jose Unpingco

... "Mining the Social Web"
By Matthew Russell.

NBViewer: Share notebooks online

Matthias Bussonnier, 2012

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Opening up science

Brian Keegan and 538

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Brian Keegan's amazing notebook

Keegan also made a larger point: FiveThirtyEight and similar sites should make their data available. We couldn’t agree more. We’re exploring ways of making our raw code and data available to readers, including through FiveThirtyEight’s GitHub account.

Others building atop IPython

OSS and commercial players

Enthought Canopy

Continuum Analytics:

Microsoft Python Tools for Visual Studio

Shahrokh Mortazavi, Dino Viehland, Wenming Ye, Dennis Gannon. Thanks!!

Microsoft Azure (S. Mortazavi, W. Ye)


Justin Riley @ MIT

IBM Watson

Authorea: collaborative academic writing

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Plotly: d3, server-side plots with data

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import plotly
from pldemo import boxes, layout
py = plotly.plotly('IPython.Demo', '1fw3zw2o13')
py.iplot(boxes, layout = layout, filename='Distributions', fileopt='overwrite', 
         width=700, height=400)


U. Toronto students, mentored by Greg Wilson

Talk to Tavish Armstrong!

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Wrapping up

  • Python and Science

    • The language lured me in...
    • But I stayed for the community!
    • This conversation is only getting better!
  • IPython

    • Language-agnostic protocols for interactive computing.
    • Open format for sharing, collaboration, publication.
    • Tools for all Pythonistas, not just scientists.
  • Thank you!

    • Guido van Rossum, Python-dev.
    • Diana Clarke, Dave Wolever, PyCon'14 team!