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Solution Notebook

Problem: Return all subsets of a set.


  • Should the resulting subsets be unique?
    • Yes, treat 'ab' and 'bc' as the same
  • Is the empty set included as a subset?
    • Yes
  • Are the inputs unique?
    • No
  • Can we assume the inputs are valid?
    • No
  • Can we assume this fits memory?
    • Yes

Test Cases

* None -> None
* '' -> ['']
* 'a' -> ['a', '']
* 'ab' -> ['a', 'ab', 'b', '']
* 'abc' -> ['a', 'ab', 'abc', 'ac',
            'b', 'bc', 'c', '']
* 'aabc' -> ['a', 'aa', 'aab', 'aabc', 
             'aac', 'ab', 'abc', 'ac', 
             'b', 'bc', 'c', '']


  • Build a dictionary of {chars: counts} where counts is the number of times each char is found in the input
  • Loop through each item in the dictionary
    • Keep track of the current index (first item will have current index 0)
    • If the char's count is 0, continue
    • Decrement the current char's count in the dictionary
    • Add the current char to the current results
    • Add the current result to the results
    • Recurse, passing in the current index as the new starting point index
      • When we recurse, we'll check if current index < starting point index, and if so, continue
      • This avoids duplicate results such as 'ab' and 'bc'
    • Backtrack by:
      • Removing the just added current char from the current results
      • Incrementing the current char's count in the dictionary


  • Time: O(2^n)
  • Space: O(2^n) if we are saving each result, or O(n) if we are just printing each result

We are doubling the number of operations every time we add an element to the results: O(2^n).

Note, you could also use the following method to solve this problem:

number binary  subset
0      000      {}
1      001      {c}
2      010      {b}
3      011      {b,c}
4      100      {a}
5      101      {a,c}
6      110      {a,b}
7      111      {a,b,c}


In [1]:
from collections import OrderedDict

class Combinatoric(object):

    def _build_counts_map(self, string):
        counts_map = OrderedDict()
        for char in string:
            if char in counts_map:
                counts_map[char] += 1
                counts_map[char] = 1
        return counts_map

    def find_power_set(self, string):
        if string is None:
            return string
        if string == '':
            return ['']
        counts_map = self._build_counts_map(string)
        curr_results = []
        results = []
        self._find_power_set(counts_map, curr_results,
                             results, index=0)
        return results

    def _find_power_set(self, counts_map, curr_result,
                        results, index):
        for curr_index, char in enumerate(counts_map):
            if curr_index < index or counts_map[char] == 0:
            counts_map[char] -= 1
            self._find_power_set(counts_map, curr_result,
                                 results, curr_index)
            counts_map[char] += 1

Unit Test

In [2]:
import unittest

class TestPowerSet(unittest.TestCase):

    def test_power_set(self):
        input_set = ''
        expected = ['']
        self.run_test(input_set, expected)
        input_set = 'a'
        expected = ['a', '']
        self.run_test(input_set, expected)
        input_set = 'ab'
        expected = ['a', 'ab', 'b', '']
        self.run_test(input_set, expected)
        input_set = 'abc'
        expected = ['a', 'ab', 'abc', 'ac',
                    'b', 'bc', 'c', '']
        self.run_test(input_set, expected)
        input_set = 'aabc'
        expected = ['a', 'aa', 'aab', 'aabc', 
                    'aac', 'ab', 'abc', 'ac', 
                    'b', 'bc', 'c', '']
        self.run_test(input_set, expected)
        print('Success: test_power_set')

    def run_test(self, input_set, expected):
        combinatoric = Combinatoric()
        result = combinatoric.find_power_set(input_set)
        self.assertEqual(result, expected)

def main():
    test = TestPowerSet()

if __name__ == '__main__':
In [3]:
%run -i
Success: test_power_set