This notebook outlines the data-crunching I did to take the 2013 grid reliability from the EIA for this Inside Energy story. (This is my first time using IPython Notebook and pandas, and I'm a newbie to programming in general, so please forgive my ugly code!)

If you have any questions about the methods or the data, email me at [email protected]

A few notes:

  • You can download the raw data from the EIA here.
  • Some utilities report SAIDI and SAIFI using IEEE definitions, and some don't. For this analysis, they were compared together. For a discussion on how use of the IEEE standard may bias reporting, see this paper.
  • Most utilities reported SAIDI and SAIFI both with and without major event days (MED). However, utilities that only reported SAIFI with MEDs were excluded from the SAIFI without MEDs calculations, and vice versa.
  • Null values were removed, but zeros weren't. In some cases, there is a chance that a utility reported a 0 instead of a null value, but because there was no way to determine if this was an error, 0 values were included.
In [2]:
%matplotlib inline
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib
import matplotlib.pylab as plt
from IPython.display import Image, SVG
In [55]:
# Import original data file for 2013 grid reliability data [downloaded from EIA](
df1 ='../DataOriginals/f8612013/Reliability_2013.xls', 'RELIABILITY_States', skiprows=1, na_values=".")
In [144]:
#Select non-null values for SAIDI With MED (from both IEEE and non-IEEE utilities)
df_SAIDI_wm_1 = df1[np.isfinite(df1['SAIDI With MED'])]
df_SAIDI_wm_2 = df1[np.isfinite(df1['SAIDI With MED.1'])]
#Create a single data frame
df_SAIDI_With_Med = df_SAIDI_wm_1.append(df_SAIDI_wm_2)
#Change null values to 0 and turn SAIDI With MED, Customers into a single column
df_SAIDI_With_Med = df_SAIDI_With_Med.fillna(0)
df_SAIDI_With_Med['SAIDI_WM'] = df_SAIDI_With_Med['SAIDI With MED'] + df_SAIDI_With_Med['SAIDI With MED.1']
df_SAIDI_With_Med['Customers'] = df_SAIDI_With_Med['Number of Customers'] + df_SAIDI_With_Med['Number of Customers.1']
#Create a dataframe that only has the columns we need
SAIDI_With_Med = df_SAIDI_With_Med[['Utility Name', 'State', 'SAIDI_WM', 'Customers']]

#Select non-null values for SAIDI Without MED (from both IEEE and non-IEEE utilities)
df_SAIDI_wom_1 = df1[np.isfinite(df1['SAIDI Without MED'])]
df_SAIDI_wom_2 = df1[np.isfinite(df1['SAIDI Without MED.1'])]
#Create a single data frame
df_SAIDI_Without_Med = df_SAIDI_wom_1.append(df_SAIDI_wom_2)
#Change null values to 0 and turn SAIDI With MED, Customers into a single column
df_SAIDI_Without_Med = df_SAIDI_Without_Med.fillna(0)
df_SAIDI_Without_Med['SAIDI_WOM'] = df_SAIDI_Without_Med['SAIDI Without MED'] + df_SAIDI_Without_Med['SAIDI Without MED.1']
df_SAIDI_Without_Med['Customers'] = df_SAIDI_Without_Med['Number of Customers'] + df_SAIDI_Without_Med['Number of Customers.1']
#Create a dataframe that only has the columns we need
SAIDI_Without_Med = df_SAIDI_Without_Med[['Utility Name', 'State', 'SAIDI_WOM', 'Customers']]
In [153]:
#Export as utility-level SAIDI data as Excel files
In [169]:
#Calculated total interruption time so can compute summary SAIDI values
SAIDI_With_Med['TotalInterruption'] = df_SAIDI_With_Med['SAIDI_WM'] * df_SAIDI_With_Med['Customers']
SAIDI_Without_Med['TotalInterruption'] = df_SAIDI_Without_Med['SAIDI_WOM'] * df_SAIDI_Without_Med['Customers']
In [160]:
TotalInterruption_With_Med = SAIDI_With_Med['TotalInterruption'].sum
TotalInterruption_Without_Med = SAIDI_Without_Med['TotalInterruption'].sum
In [173]:
#This was some code to add a numeric index that I could use to make a plot -- don't need it anymore!
#State_Codes = df2['State'].unique()
#s = pd.Series(range(0,52), index=State_Codes)
In [174]:
#Aggregate SAIDI with and without major event days by state
grouped_SAIDI_With_Med = SAIDI_With_Med.groupby('State').aggregate(np.sum)
grouped_SAIDI_With_Med['StateSAIDIWithMED'] = grouped_SAIDI_With_Med['TotalInterruption'] / grouped_SAIDI_With_Med['Customers']

grouped_SAIDI_Without_Med = SAIDI_Without_Med.groupby('State').aggregate(np.sum)
grouped_SAIDI_Without_Med['StateSAIDIWithoutMED'] = grouped_SAIDI_Without_Med['TotalInterruption'] / grouped_SAIDI_Without_Med['Customers']
In [180]:
#Export data frames as Excel files (note -- need Excel files to do visualization in Tableau)

#Export data frames as CSV files
In [181]:
#Playing with plotting a little bit
bp = SAIDI_With_Med.boxplot(column='SAIDI_WM', by='State', grid=False)
In [177]:
#Plot state values -- TODO add state ID back in!
#plt.plot(s[df2['State']], df2['SAIDI'], 'r.', alpha=0.2)
#plt.plot(s[grouped.index], grouped['StateSAIDIWithMED'], 'b.')