Twitter search stream

Using: Python Twitter Tools imports
In [1]:
from time import time
from twitter import Twitter, TwitterStream, OAuth
import re
Some regular expressions to remove urls, users and hashtags (can exclude if wanted)
In [2]:
http_pattern = re.compile('(https?://\S+)', re.IGNORECASE)
user_pattern = re.compile('(@\S+)', re.IGNORECASE)
hash_pattern = re.compile('(#\S+)', re.IGNORECASE)
The tokens are necessary for user authentication, you will need to create an application on Once you have the tokens... replace XXXXXX below. Function returning an OAuth object
In [3]:
def twitter_auth():
    # these tokens are necessary for user authentication
    # (created within the twitter developer API pages)
    consumer_key = "XXXXXX"
    consumer_secret = "XXXXXXXXXXXX"
    access_key = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
    access_secret = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

    # create twitter API object
    auth = OAuth(access_key, access_secret, consumer_key, consumer_secret)
    return auth
Clean the text part of the tweet json string
In [4]:
def clean_tweet(status):
    tweet = status['text']
    tweet = re.sub(http_pattern, '', tweet)
    tweet = re.sub(user_pattern, '', tweet)
    tweet = re.sub(hash_pattern, '', tweet)    
    #replace new lines, tabs, spaces with a space
    tweet = tweet.replace('\n', ' ')
    tweet = tweet.replace('\t', ' ')
    tweet = tweet.replace('\\s+', ' ')
    #can contain some weird char
    tweet = tweet.encode('ascii', 'ignore')
    return tweet
Create a twitter stream, search the statuses for you search terms (can use upto 400, before having to chat to twitter)
In [5]:
def download_stream(search_terms, filename,search_time=30):
    stream = TwitterStream(auth=twitter_auth(), secure=True)
    tweet_iter = stream.statuses.filter(track=search_terms)
    end_time = time() + search_time
    #open for append, so it can be run over and over
    with open(filename, "a") as tfile:
        for itweet in tweet_iter:
            #I only wanted english tweets
            if itweet['lang'] == 'en':
                tweet = clean_tweet(itweet)
                if len(tweet) == 0:
                tfile.write(tweet + '\n')
                print tweet
                if time() > end_time:
                    print "... done ... ran for %i seconds ..." % search_time
In [6]:
search_str = ("python,java,artificial intelligence,machine learning,data mining,programming,software,"
               "software development,software design,natural language processing,linear regression,"
               "deep learning,k-means,open source,source code,api,web service,matplotlib,scikit-learn"
               "ML,ensemble learning,clustering,classification,SVM,nearest neighbors,random forest,PCA,"
               "decision tree,image recognition")
download_stream(search_str, 'test.txt', search_time=10)
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... done ... ran for 10 seconds ...